I WAS TOUCHED IN THE SPIRIT WHEN I HEARD THIS! https://ogaziestheory.wordpress.com/

One of our pastors was preaching yesterday evening, and
he said: 3 weeks ago, while he was doing morning prayer
a man came out of his house listening and responding
amen to his prayers…
After he finished preaching, the man came to him and said “pastor, I want to speak with you. “While they were yet discussing, the man showed him his house. He said: see that upstairs, God built it for me as a reason of me evangelising
for Him. but now, I don’t evangelise anymore and I don’t
know why, but I’m still serving God…
The man said: my wife died 2 weeks ago. While d pastor
was trying to sympathise with him, he said “no, because she returned back to life. ” And he started crying…
The pastor was curious to know why he was crying, and
the man said: she died in an operation and the doctors
confirmed her dead, but she returned back to life with a message…
And the message was “Go and tell your husband and everyone, as many as you can reach, tell them that THE
CHARIOTS ARE READY!!” and the man continued crying…
*Friends, I don’t think we need any other explanation to this…
What we should do, I don’t think we need anyone to tell us..
There’s no more time… BE INFORMED… BE WARNED…
*Jesus is coming very soon*
Pls don’t just read and like this, but make sure that you share
with everyone in your contacts. By doing this, you’re as well doing
a great work of evangelism which is the heart beat of God.
God bless u. (Forwarded as received).

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