By Prince Sopuru Obi

TEXT: Mark 4:19, John 3:16.

#VALENTINE: is a “worldly love special day” set aside to show Earthly Love which was founded by men not by Jesus Christ reasons been that, it’s a day that the highest Immorality i’e SEX is been committed, God never command us the believers to take part in such worldly lust celebration rather He urged us to live a holy and a righteous life which without no eyes shall see God.

Christians do not need a “Day of Saint Valentinus” to demonstrate the command to “love one another.” 2 Peter 1:7 says that we ought strive continually for “godliness with brotherly affection, and brotherly affection with love.” We should not need “Valentine’s Day” to fulfill this exhortation. In fact, if we used the holiday as a day to demonstrate “Christian love,” it would only make things murky and awkward. Christian men don’t wish other Christian men a “Happy Valentine’s Day.” That would be murky and awkward–definitive proof that the “holiday” has kept its original erotic and pagan roots. One would only breed confusion by attempting to demonstrate “Christian love” through the celebration of Valentine’s Day. Furthermore, marital love can be properly celebrated (e.g., date nights, anniversary dinners, etc.) without the tethering to a Romish feast day.

When you watch-out, you will found out that everything about this #valentine is characterized by Lust rather than true LOVE of Christ.

Jesus Christ warned us by telling us that we shouldn’t love the world neither the things inside the world, that if any man does so that is to say that the love of Christ is not in him. 1 John 2:15-17.

As a young person you must be very careful because, many has gone as as a result of #Valentine.

1. This is a special day when evil will be on high increase.

2. It’s a special day when STD’S disease E.g Hiv/Aids e.t.c will be contacted by a lot of people.

3. A day when sexual activity will be in highest rate.

4. A special day when many people will sell their destiny and future.

5. A day when many young men will waste all the whole money they laboured for as a result of last.

6. A day celebration when many people will sign an agreement that will warrant them to enter their early grave.

7. A day celebration when many believers will drop their bible i.e losing their salvation.

8. A day celebration when many people’s name will be removed from the BOOK OF LIFE and be transferred to the book of death.

9. A day of celebration when a lot of young people will experiment Sex.

10. A day of celebration when many young ladies will lose their virginity.

11. A day celebration when many young people will exchange their destiny with eating and drinking.

12. A day celebration when many will deny Jesus Christ i.e when many Christians will backslide and drop their bible.

13. A day of celebration when fornication and sex will be on a high increase having abortion as only alternative.

14. A day of celebration that will later result to unwanted pregnancies, abortion, dropping out of school, incurable sicknesses e.t.c.

This time calls for a sober reflection, you need to know who you are. #VALENTINE comes and go every year but the sad news is that it goes with many lives, but my prayer for you is that IN A TIME LIKES THIS YOU ARE MORE THAN A CONQUERER i.e greater is He in you than he that is in the world.
Surely they must gather but they must surely scatter. You must know that your future is bright, don’t listen to devil’s lies, never you honour that invitation which someone extended to you. What you only need is Love of Christ . REMEMBER THAT NOBODY WILL LOVE YOU LIKE JESUS CHRIST.



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