Recall that in my article titled “SOVEREIGNTY; A CASE STUDY OF NIGERIA” I slammed the US for their premature comments in Nigeria’s 2019 election. But as a participatory citizen that posses both water and fire baptism, the need to speak out using the present life style of our politicians or the likely contestants dawn on me. Invoking the third and fourth maxims of Equity which says (3rd) “he who seeks equity must do equity” and(4th) “he who comes to equity must come with clean hand”. In the light of the above, i wonder why our educated politicians or their illiterate allies have failed to learn from these maxims. Honestly, 90percent of our politicians both the Executive and Legislators can not stand the elementary test of being elected or re-elected based on their performances. Consider a situation where most of our state Governors who seek to be re-elected or aspire for one post or the other are shamelessly owing salaries to the tune of Nine months and above. A situation where a governor in the Northern part of the country slashed the salaries of civil servants with the flimsy excuse of meeting up and settling debts. Recall that a distinguished senator early this month pleaded his colleagues to to intervene following the death of a civil servant who died as a result of months of unpaid salaries. Recall also that many Governors are persuading their retirees and even serving public servant to sign a forfeiture bond which means you can only be paid for four months as the case may be out of the six or seven months you are being owed. The case of non payment of retirement gratuity is turning to a custom in our country with many Governors not being moved. What of illegal award of contracts to amigos and famiy members. What of Governors in many states i know that have not accomplish a visible projects for years of election. The same goes to our legislators. Most of them have not been able to ordinarily visit their constituency for years not to talk of raising latrin toilet as a constituency project. What then should give them the elective impetuse of speaking on 2019 election? Hoisting and pasting of posters, billboards, banners etc at this wee hour wil not save them from their colossal failures unless they hasten now with this last minute grace to do what is expected of them. What an irony, a common man once abandoned for 4 years or even eight years is now seeked with every strength? Fitting and encompassing, the political term i gave to 2019 election is ” ACHIEVEMENTS AND CHARISMA LEGIBILITY”. In this case, only your previous achievement and present charisma qualify you for the the race and thereto earn you victory. The case of having a polling unit at Okija shrine where humans who masquerade themselves as gods and chief priests to vote for a living man as alleged is gone. Now, every polling unit even the ones in Maiduguri no matter how besieged it is by our fiends must be ascertained and made accessible. Also the case of turning INEC office as a place of abode with frequent visitations like a criminal under awaiting trial is gone. Like i said ab initio, what will grant them victory in 2019 election is only their achievements and charisma and nothing more

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