The Nigerian govt. have decided to establish cattle colonies in every state of the country. Each colony will be five thousand hectares of land(5,000). This will be for fulani herdsmen. Do you know that :
(1) 1 hectare is a football field.
(2) 10 hectares is one square kilometer.
(3) 100 hectares is 10 square kilometers.
(4) 1,000 hectares is 100 square kilometers, ie 100,000m by 100,000m. And now >👉 (5) 5,000 hectares is 500 square kilometers, ie 500,000 m by 500,000m. This is a stretch of 25 kilometers by 20 kilometers of land mass. This is the kind of land mass they want for the fulani colonies. Imagine parts of the land stretching from Zuba to Gwagwalada to Airport junction to kuje to Aya towards Nyanya to Buari and environs.
# Do you know that many local Governments land mass in Nigeria are smaller than one colony?. In fact almost every local government in the South south,south East, and South west is smaller than one colony.
# So they want to establish one Fulani local Govt Area in every state of Nigeria.
# Do you know that there is only one * cattle colony in the whole world? It is in Pakistan, near the town of Karachi.
# Do not read alone. Pass on. Peace. *SAY NO TO HERDSMEN COLONIES.*
*What is a colony?*
The dictionary defines colony as a settlement of emigrants(settlers)who move to a new place, but remain culturally tied to their original place.

The following amongst others will happen if you allow the proposed colonies setup in the 36 states & the FCT.

* mosques will be opened in your ancestorial homes with horn speakers to call for prayers. Its their culture!
* Emirs will be installed to supritend over the colonies, its their culture!
* No limit to the number of wives because its their culture!
* No limit to the number of children(because its their culture!) This means b4 long, they will out number your people and start spreading because its their culture!
* You must not complain because if you do, you will be seen as fighting their culture & belief!
* Even if their animals stŕays out of these colony to your neighbourhood, which will obviously happen you must not complain. If you do then expect deadly attacks.

Don’t be a careless and carefree Christian and start crying later when it is no longer possible to reverse the evil. This was how Ilorin kwara state was taken over with an Emir ruling them till date.
God has helped us to destroy many evil laws by this government within the last two and half years this one is the deadliest and this too must not STAND.
Pray using Genesis 11:5-6 that God will confound their speeches, their language and will raise diversities of tongues among them and that this EVIL COLONY agenda be scattered in Jesus name.
Pls share its urgent!

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