AUTHOR: Ogbuehi Ikechukwu.

When i checked last on the concept of sovereignty as espoused by Jean Bodin (1530- 1596), i still learnt that it is the absolute power a state has to make and enforce laws within its territory without any external interruption, interference or control. But my question is; is Nigeria really a sovereign state?, Why is the West especially the US making perrenial utterances that show our sovereign ineptitude?, Why is Nigeria growing dim eyes over their utterances?. When i read on naija news with the caption ” US SPEAKS ON NIGERIA’S 2019 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION” AUTHOR; Omotayo Yusuf. The US deputy secretary of state; John Sullivan, during the closing ceremony of the US—Nigeria bi–national commission held in Abuja on 21st November said “We (US) wouldn’t pick any candidate; We wouldn’t endorse any candidate. We promised to help Nigeria in achieving a free and fair election in 2019. Honestly i was shocked and nearly loss my academic bearing. Without US, can’t we conduct our free and fair election as other countries do?, Where exactly have they been helping us from the beginning stage(registration of voters) to the final stage(declaration of result)?, Has the US been endorsing presidential candidates for Nigeria and who were they that the US had endorsed?. Isn’t it too premature for US to start commenting on the roles they will play in our 2019 election when political aspirants for the race do not know themselves and have not declared openly their interest. Please how many times have Nigerians commented on US election or even sent observers as they perenially do in every election held in Nigeria. Its a truism that US is a world power. Yes at the international politics not at domestic politics of states. Why is Nigeria always enthused when US comments on their election like a baby that just finished overdose suck from the mother?. It griped me with tears when the former president– Goodluck Jonathan wrote that the US encouraged the defunct INEC Chairman –prof. Jega Attahiru to go on with the election even when he (Jonathan) asked for postponement with reasons best known to him. Why should Nigeria allow this unholy interference in her country thereby posing a bold question to their sovereignty. Is the country not capable to shoulder their problems and provide solution to them again? Recall that after 2016 US presidential election Nigerians, even the so called adulterated elite debated and argued rashly wether US (President Trump) would recognise Nigeria or not. Honestly as a political scientist, that is not true sovereignty. Also recall that President Buhari denied given financial assistance to Bill Clinton during the 2016 US presidential election when groups accused him of that. And to the affirmative, he did not. That incident absolved Nigeria or even the president of meddling in the domestic affairs of the US. The question is; why has the US not sent their troops to assist the Nigerian military in combatement over the war of terrorism from the deadly Boko Haram sect that the the country is facing for over 7 years. Or to even send their so called observers to the deadly Sambisa forest to observe the topography of the forest or to even make recommendation on the strategem and armament that should be used to decimate or totally eliminate the sect. In conclusion, our sovereignty is sacrosanct just as theirs. The country should tread with caution in allowing this unholy penetration

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